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We have arranged the club so that it is possible to comply with the guidelines while we still all have the opportunity to climb. It is of course important that all members comply with the rules and support the restrictions so that we can continue to keep the club open.

Stay home if you have symptoms. It is required to present a valid corona pass to the guard / instructor on arrival at the club from the age of 16. Wash your hands when you arrive or use rubbing alcohol. Disinfect your hands often happens while climbing. Keep a minimum distance of 1 m, preferably 2 m, and make the safety check by presenting what needs to be checked so that you do not have to touch each other. The area requirements for 4m2 floor space per person must be complied. This is done by restricting the number of people in each room. See the signs on the floor for the maximum number of people in the room.

The climbing takes place as first come, first served. This means that you can not be sure that you can climb exactly what you hope for, but since the total area of ​​the club is 450m2, there is a high probability that there is space.

Rope climbing hall (maximum 25 people)
Top floor (maximum 25 people)
Heated boulder area incl reception and kitchen (max 20 people)
Boulder Cave (Max 8 people)
Fitness room (max 5 people)
Men’s dressing room (max 2 people)
Women’s dressing room (max 1 person)

If it should happen that there are too many in a room for you to get through it, e.g. get access to the dressing rooms, you must ask someone to leave the room temporarily so you can get your things.

Family Climbing

The family team climbs on Thursdays from 16.30 to 18.00. There is no access for others when there are family teams

Junior climbing

The junior team climbs on Mondays from 17-19. The junior team climbs with other climbers, but if there are problems with too many people in the room, the junior team has first right.

Tuesday climbing

Tuesday from 19-21. Other climbers also have access to the hall when there is a theme on Tuesday, but if there are problems with too many people in the room, the team has the first right.

Introduction course

Intro course participants are included equally with others in the first-come, first-served principle. It counts from the time they show up and sign up.