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In Odense Klatreklub we offer different length of collaborations for schools and other institutions.

Our instructors have up to 30 years of experience with climbing schools and can as a results tailer educational periods for your needs. There are many options. For requests on booking and prices, contact can be made on odenseklatreklub@gamil.com or 22193334.

Here are some examples on typical school climbing periods:


1 or 1 ½ hours of climbing without ropes, climbing games, drills and technique. High level of activity and very intense.

Rope climbing

2 hours of rope climbing. Safety instruction (most definitively boring but very important) followed by rope climbing

Combined bouldering og rope climbing

3 hours. A combination of the two above.

Longer periods

It is also possible to do climbing programs that will take place over mulitiple days, if the students need a deeper understanding and skills in the field of climbing.

The program for all longer periods will be made taking into account the wishes from school teachers.


Price: 800 kr/hour. Only on school days until 16:00. At most 25 participants.