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Frivillige i Odenseklatreklub

Odense Klatreklub would not exist if it was not for the volunteers.

There are many different functions which are carried out by volunteers. The volunteers are a part of different committees which they themselves control and organize how duties are to be solved.


The instructors are those who make sure that the club can stay open. They make sure the dore is open and they are more than happy to help you feel welcome both as a new and old member. It is also the instructors that are responsible for the introduction courses All of our instructors are experienced climbers which also have gone through an internal education in safety. We have also instructors which are further educated by the Danish climbing association’s instructor courses and are therefore able to teach lead climbing, etc.



The coaches are experienced climbers that want to pass on there abilities. The coaches are teaching based on their own experiences and from what they have learnt from the Danish climbing associations coaching-courses.


The routersetters are those that make sure that there is something to climb on, so that the climbing does not get too monotonous. The routesetters typically meet once a month where they bouild new routes. The boulder problems are continously changed, when the setters have the available time. It is also the routesetters that organize the “hyggekonkurrencer”.


The cleaners are those which are first noticed when they are not there. They usually meet Tuesday morning to get the climbing club in order and get a bit of climbing done afterwards. Take good care of our cleaners, make sure to tidy up after yourself.

The social committee

The social committee arranges the parties, “fastelavn” and other social gatherings. We regularly have communal dinning. You can follow along on our Facebook group or our calender.

Fællesspisning i Odense klatreklub