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How to join Odense climbing club

Are you ready to join, then go to the club?

The first payment is when you join. you can pay by cash or mobile pay. We do not take credit cards. If you join in connection with an introduction course you save the 100 kr enrollment fee.

If you join mid membership payment period, you only need to pay for the rest of the period. For the next payment period we will send you an invoice by post. The invoice can be signed up for automatic payment by PBS.

Membership fees:

Children:    0 – 11 years.    135 kr. / quarter
Junior:      12 – 17 years.    240 kr. / quarter
Youth:      18 – 25 years.    330 kr. / quarter
Senior:          26 – years     420 kr. / quarter

If you are a guest, you can find the price list here

Startup for new members

All new climbers in Odense Klatreklub have to participate in our introduction course.

The course is available every Wednesday at 17:30 and Sunday at 13:30.

The price is 100 kr. and booking is not necessary, you just have to be at the club the Wednesday or Sunday that suits you. Don’t be late, better 5 min early.

Program for the Introduction course:

  • 2 x climbing within 14 days.
  • Introduction to safety the first day
  • Harness and belay device is included in the price both days

Everyone who are 14 years or older can participate in the course. Children younger than 14 years must be accompanied by a parent or another adult. If the adult does not want to climb you only pay for the child.

We do not have any heating in the club, so it can be cold in the wintertime so wear warm clothes.

Termination of membership

If you want to terminate your membership you should send an email to: odenseklatreklub@gmail.com.

Termination of membership must be by mail; you cannot just stop paying the quarterly fee.
It is not possible to put the membership on hold of be a passive member.
If you want to rejoin the club there is an enrollment fee of 100 kr.