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We have arranged the club so that it is possible to comply with the guidelines while we still all have the opportunity to climb. It is of course important that all members comply with the rules and support the restrictions so that we can continue to keep the club open.

It is required to present a valid corona pass to the guard / instructor upon arrival at the club for everyone 18 years old and up.

The restrictions on gathering must be complied. We do this by dividing the club into smaller zones. In these zones there must be a maximum of 25 people or less depending on the area. Walkways and zones are marked with tape on the floor and threr are signs stating the number of people in the zone.
The climbing will take place as first come, first served. This means that you can not be sure that you can climb exactly what you hope for. There is room for 50 climbers in total so it will rarely be completely impossible to find a vacant zone

Rope climbing (maximum 25 people)
Top floor (divided into 2 areas of a maximum of 10 people)
Heated boulder area (maximum 10 people)
Boulder Cave (Max 5 people)
Fitness room (max 2 people)

Walkways have been made so that you can get to the top floor through the hall along the stairs. The boulder cave can be reached through the training room. Climbers are not allowed to stay in the walkways. They are only for transport to and from a zone and for the guard to observe.
We also recommend that you do not stay in the kitchen and reception area. However, the guard is welcome to stay here.
The guards should as far as possible avoid entering the zones, but stick to the walkways when keeping an eye on the climbing. If they see something that requires physical intervention, they must of course enter a zone even if it means that there is one more in the zone than prescribed.
The changing rooms cannot be used as it is not possible to get to them without having to go through a zone. Therefore, make sure to show up dressed.
Make sure to bring a water bottle into the zone so you do not have to go out for water.

Family climbing
Family climbing can continue as usual. Thursdays from 4.30pm to 6pm is dedicated for family climbing, so there is no acess for other members.

Junior climbing
The juniors  can also continue as usual. They have a dedicated period from 17-19 on Mondays. There is no access for other climbers during this period.

Tuesday Trainin
Tuesday from 19-21. Rope climbing and the top floor is reserved for Tuesday Training. Ordinary climbers can therefore only climb Boulder from 19-21 on Tuesdays.

First visit for new climbers
New climbers can try it out on Wednesday and Sunday. The participants are included equaly to every one else in the first-come, first-served principle. It counts from the time they show up and sign up.

In addition to these above exceptions, we have our normal opening hours.