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Odense klatrehal

Day ticket:

75 kr/day incl. shoes, harness and belay device.

A day ticket is for the experienced climber, who is not a member of another climbing club that is part of Dansk Klatreforbunds guest agreement, or for climbers that only wants to boulder. A day tiscet can also be used if an experienced member wants to invite a guest to try climbing. Then it is only the guest that can climb because the member must be the belayer.

Introduction course

100 kr for 2 days of climbing within 14 days.

The Introduction course is for you if you have not tried climbing before and you would like to try climbing with rope.

Membership fees:

Children:    0 – 11 years.    135 kr. / quarter
Junior:      12 – 17 years.   240 kr. / quarter
Youth:      18 – 25 years.   330 kr. / quarter
Senior:          26 – years    420 kr. / quarter


When you join the club the first fee is paid by cash of mobile pay at the club. Your membership fee will be reduced according to the time of the quarter.

For the next quarter you will receive an invoice by post. The invoice can be assigned automatic payment by PBS.

The quarterly fee is due by the . 1 January, 1. April, 1. July and 1. October.

Guest agreements with other climbing clubs

If you are a member of a club outside Odense that is a part of Dansk Klatreforbunds guest agreement it is free of charge to visit us.


Climbers from other climbing clubs in Odense

Day tickets are 30 kr/day, if your club is part of Dansk Klatreforbunds guest agreement.

Members from Odense Boulderklub can visit free of charge on Tuesdays.

Rental of harness

15 kr/day